tradition encounters innovation - the successful story of our family business began in 1964, in the tranquil village of mehring, near burghausen in rural upper bavaria. And that is where it still continues. from a small workshop with just two employees Hasenkopf became a pioneer in the processing of innovative materials.

Today we are an internationally active industrial manufacturer with about 200 employees. As a specialist supplier we offer a wide range of integrated solutions in wood, Corian, Parapan and other premium materials. Whether you are looking for a unique item or a series product - Hasenkopf is the right partner for your projects.


Perfection made to measure

We are craftmanship. For half a century the company has been manufacturing distinctive and unique products and fulfilling our customers' individual requests, however unusual. Hasenkopf sees itself as a manufacturer because - now more than ever - the word stands for excellent craftsmanship, relieable quality and tailor-made perfection. Exactly like Hasenkopf.


Perfection in series

We are industry. With a workforce of around 200, a 22,000 m² production area and the very latest CAD, CAM and CNC facilities, even our series products can offer tailor-made perfection. That is why we have Industrial Manufacture in our name, because Hasenkopf's customers can enjoy all the advantages of industrial production, such as fast order processing, efficiency and just-in-time delivery.




to you

You have an inquiry or an invitation to tender on a project for which you could use some assistance.

with us

We can help you with costing your proposal, clarifying technical details and more, for instance by providing appropriate samples.

for you

With Hasenkopf as an efficient external supplier your competitive proposals will win the order.

with us

We can help you at the planning stage and guarantee timely production and delivery, directly to the site, if desired.

for you

It is your achievement that will be in the foreground - your customers will never know we exist. The success is entirely yours.