Installation kit
for bathtubs

For the installation of Hasenkopf bathtubs made of acrylic-bound solid surface materials, we offer a special installation kit that allows a quick and easy alignment of the bathtub.


contents of the installation kit (Art. No.: BW-MONTAGE)

  • watertight plywood panel 15 mm thick
  • adjustment range of the supports: 30-123 mm; depending on the size of the bathtub 4 or 6 pieces (indicate structural height when placing the order)
  • non-slip pads with acoustic decoupling
  • detailed installation instructions
  • drain fitting Viega Multiplex optionally available



  • position supports on the floor and adjust the height accordingly
  • put non-slip pads on the supports
  • put plywood panel on the supports
  • place bathtub and check position
  • Attention: Sealing acc. DIN 18534 to the building structure must take place on site
  • Attention: standardly suitable for drain fitting Viega Multiplex (optionally available)
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