Giessverfahren mit Miraklon

Hasenkopf goes new ways with miraklon

After years of development, we have reinvented an ancient technology. With the casting of MIRAKLON® - an acrylic-bound solid surface material »made in Bavaria« - we are expanding our manufacturing possibilities enormously. The brand name derives from »Mirakel« and »Klonen«. «Mirakel« or »Miracle« stands for the wonderful variety of possibilities offered by the innovative material. »Klonen« or »Cloning« stands for the infinite duplication with a consistent quality. MIRAKLON® is a material developed by Hasenkopf, which is produced and processed exclusively by ourselves.

Miraklon Komponente Gesteinsmehl

Natural rock flour

Rock flour is the main component of the premium material MIRAKLON®. The natural mineral is the massive component of the material and gives it stone-like properties: MIRAKLON® is therefore particularly robust and hard-wearing.

Miraklon Komponente Acryl

High quality acrylic resin

Acrylic resin is the connecting component of the high-quality solid surface material. The transparent raw material ensures the pore-free and hygienic surface of MIRAKLON® and allows seamless processing to individual results. In addition, the material is particularly durable and recyclable. 

Werkstoff MIRAKLON

MIRAKLON® - Perfect recipe

MIRAKLON® combines natural rock flour and liquid acrylic resin in a complete way. The advantages of the two high-quality components are fully utilized. An acrylic-bound solid surface material is produced in the standard colors of the leading sheet manufacturers. The premium material has excellent mechanical properties and a flawless surface finish. 

Miraklon Waschbecken Kollektion
over 100 new preforms for the Sanitary market

The casting process with MIRAKLON® is specially optimized for the production of small series of molded parts. With the market launch we are presenting a collection of over 100 different wash basins, shower trays and bathtubs.