Hasenkopf Partner Hirschmuellerschmidt Architektur

Corian facade »BI CUBE«


Hirschmuellerschmidt Architektur GmbH was founded in 1995 by Andreas Hirschmüller and Gerrit Schmidt. Its headquarters are in Darmstadt. 25 employees develop forward-looking building projects for clients from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the housing sector, research and education, as well as commercial and public-sector clients. These projects include laboratories, production buildings, offices and apartment blocks. A new specialism lies in sustainable building projects using timber and hybrid methods. The architects chose a timber frame for the »BI CUBE« too. This frame was then clad with a white Corian curtain wall. Hirschmuellerschmidt sought the help of Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur during the planning stages, to incorporate both design and technical requirements into the planning.

Photo: © Hirschmuellerschmidt Architektur GmbH