Hasenkopf Partner Lichtstelle Monika Rittmeier

Corian worktops at the dental surgery

Lichtstelle - Monika Rittmeier, Dipl. Ing. FH

»The light decides a lot about the effect that a room can have, how people feel, live, move about and work in it.« For Monika Rittmeier from Göttingen, a room must always be considered in its entirety. The interplay of shapes, materials, architecture, perception, colours and light forms the basis of her work. Since 1999, the freelance architect has implemented a variety of projects in the private and commercial sectors, with respect to furniture and graphic design. Under the name »Lichtstelle«, she has specialised in lighting design since 2012. Monika Rittmeier realises lighting tasks in all interior environments: private rooms, office rooms, sales areas, business premises and consulting rooms, schools, social institutions, public buildings and squares, historical places or sacred spaces. In cooperation with Holzdesign-Anzenhofer, the lighting designer has designed a concept for the Dr Sinseder’s redesigned dental surgery.

Photo: © Monika Rittmeier, Dipl. Ing. FH