Hasenkopf Partner marty architektur

Corian counter at Sparkasse Schwyz

Wall cladding with Frescata - Schwyzer Kantonalbank

Marty Architektur AG

As far as Ivan Marty is concerned, architecture is always a holistic look of spaces, requirements and locations – and a passion. »We design rooms and places, not just buildings. We are always looking to the left and right, behind us and as far forward as we can. This gives us a comprehensive overview«, explains the owner and managing director, Ivan Marty. He has been working with his interdisciplinary team to design, plan and create wide-ranging architectural projects since 1998 – from new builds to renovations and refurbishments. Authenticity and sustainability play a key role in his work. marty architektur ag currently has 25 employees and 2 trainees at its offices in Schwyz and Altendorf. They have been working with Hasenkopf since 2010. Further joint projects have followed since the Sparkasse Schwyz renovation. Surfaces enhanced with Frescata are often used.

Photo: © marty architektur