Hasenkopf Partner - Becker

Hygienic worktops

Metallwarenfabrik Walter H. Becker GmbH

»Hygiene and longevity ensured by quality«: this is the secret to the success of the metal plant Walter H. Becker GmbH. The owner-run company has been specialising in the production of steel furniture for medical technology, clinics and hospitals for over four decades now. The system furniture is designed in the in-house development department and manufactured to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements and to be robust enough to withstand everyday life in a clinic. In order to achieve this, BECKER works with high-quality processed materials like stainless steel, CNS, glass, HPL and solid surface materials. The metal goods manufacturer supplies clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and beyond from its headquarters in the Lower Bavarian town of Triftern. The family company was founded in 1946 by its namesake Walter H. Becker and is now being managed by the third generation of the same family, with engineer Hans Werner and Dr. Helen Becker at the helm.

Photo: © Metallwarenfabrik Walter H. Becker GmbH