Hasenkopf Partner Rent a Tischler

Kitchen worktop in concrete look

Rent a Tischler

When it comes to »RENT A TISCHLER«, the clue is in the name: it stands for owner Renn Thomas and his one-man joinery, based in the small town of Vils in the Tyrol. He works for private clients in the western Tyrol and the adjacent Allgäu region. »As I work alone, clients like being able to help with the assembly. The value of a special joiner-made kitchen becomes even greater as a result«, explains Thomas Renn. His passion lies in planning and building kitchens. »As a one-man-business, it is not possible to be perfect in all areas. That is why I am really thrilled to have found a reliable partner and specialist supplier of high-quality kitchen worktops in Hasenkopf«.

Photo: © Sergio Salvemini MSc