Westermann Innenausbau

Solid surface furniture for Stadtwerke Karlsruhe

Karl Westermann
GmbH & Co. KG

Karl Westermann GmbH & Co. KG based in Denkendorf near Stuttgart has a guiding principle: »Develop. Create. Inspire.« This is what owner Frank Westermann and his 75-man team stand for. For three generations, Westermann has practised craftsmanship of the highest standards of quality for interior design. This is combined with extensive structural know-how with respect to fire prevention and acoustics and has the constant objective of reconciling the function and design with innovative materials. From spatial extensions and revitalisation to its work as a general contractor in the area of interior design, Westermann is mainly active on behalf of its customers in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. An office furniture line of its own under the label wp office (products by Westermann) is new on the market.

Photo: © Karl Westermann GmbH & Co. KG