Hasenkopf Partner Joerg Wiehl

stairs made of solid surface

Wiehl GmbH & Co. KG

Around 2,200 stairs leave the Wiehl GmbH & Co. KG factory in Bingen, Baden-Württemberg, each year. Clients include prefab housing manufacturers, property developers, architecture firms, joineries and carpenters, as well as private clients from South Germany. Since the company was founded around 70 years ago, Wiehl has developed from a joinery into a leading manufacturer of modular staircases. The family company has 50 employees and, with Jörg Wiehl, is currently in its third generation of managing directors. Customer satisfaction is the priority for the staircase specialist. »Thanks to our excellent depth of manufacturing and the use of the latest technology, clients can expect expert support and precise implementation of their made-to-measure staircases«.

Photo: © Wiehl GmbH & Co. KG