Hasenkopf-Partner 247billiards, Corian Billard-Tische

Billiards tables made from Corian

247 billiards

»The most vital part of our corporate self-conception is the production of unique and innovative products satisfying the highest quality requirements«, says Michael Steininger, who has been producing and marketing 247billiards for the past two years. This is also the length of time during which he has been cooperating with Hasenkopf, »smoothly and at the same time reliably and with a high-quality result«.

exclusive corian products

247billiards is a product that has been »developed for people who set great store by a modern and contemporary interior and who like to play billiard. For the implementation of this project, I had been looking for a company processing Corian® in our region that would best suit my demands and at Hasenkopf I found tailor-made solutions for our special product.« The overall range Steininger offers with 247billiards comprises individual game versions, paired with design and exclusiveness.

Photo: © 247billiards