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AD2 Architekten

Andrea Dämon and Andreas Doser have a clear perception of their work, that can be seen all over Austria and meanwhile also internationally. The architecture of the ad2 architects must speak for itself, must awake curiosity and function perfectly. Unconventionality should radiate a kind of self-conception. The duo today works successfully for »all clients who are willing to allow creative and unconventional solutions«. Whether private clients, municipalities or small businesses, ad2 Architects relies unequivocally on the will of the client to execute the characteristic language of design and architecture. The two set off from Weiden am See in Burgenland cutting their own path in the search for challenges in the most diverse projects. Their core competence lies in the principle of universality. Because that is the only way to »remain equal to every challenge – with knowledge research plus the right specialists and at the right time. A driving thought also in the case of  DentaCare: »We make our living with buildings so every project must be a good reference for us and for our clients.«

Photo: © AD2 Architekten