Hasenkopf-Partner Architekturbüro Arkade

Steinbauer Performance – Corian room tuning

Architekturbüro Arkade ZT GmbH

»Preserving and changing«, »surmising values«, »comprehensibility and clarity«. Those are the meta topics of architects Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Landerl and Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Habringer, who with their enterprise and approximately 30 employees in Haslach and Linz cover a wide architectural range spanning from public buildings and private dwellings to commercial buildings.
Critically dealing with the meta topics basically always involves »examining the circumstances for desirable changes to offer a variety of possible individual experiences for all members of society. It is of decisive importance to promote approaches that are looking for a dialogue or a fertile public confrontation. It is important to make reference to nature, to culture, actually to everything that surrounds us. Comprehensibility and clarity in our way of living are prerequisites to maintain our culture landscapes as healthy living space.«

Photo: © Architekturbüro ARKADE ZT GmbH