Hasenkopf-Partner Architektin Lisa Zentner

Corian kitchenettes for a nursing home

Lisa Zentner Architektur ZT GmbH

»Architecture always has two sides. It is made up of designing, drafting, planning, building and permanent creative, artistic thinking. On the other hand, it involves the creation of basic parameters, the organisational and legal facilitation of processes and the communication between individual areas of expertise. The exciting part of our work lies exactly in bridging this gap. It’s the combination of creative architectural work and likewise creative consulting activities.« For the Vienna architect Lisa Zentner, the materials to work with are space, light and shape. »And of course the dialogue with the building owner, with the clients«.

Architecture & consulting

For her company, the nursing home Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus is a key project as far as scope and complexity of the interior design is concerned. Public and private clients in Austria are the core target groups, for whom Lisa Zentner works predominantly in the field of architecture, interior design, furniture design, award procedures and project coordination.

Photo: © Lisa Zentner Architektur ZT GmbH / Michaela Tubikanec