Back-lit steles at
Württemberg state museum

Atelier Hammerl & Dannenberg

»We conceive the room as a stage and endeavour to make the impression of the room an experience. Life takes place in the interior, this is where we are offered new perspectives, this is where the person takes centre stage. The room has an impact on the person and the person creates the room. With the sensitive composition of different elements of architectural two and three-dimensionality we create staged rooms. With this approach the Atelier Hammerl & Dannenberg is active all over Europe, although their main focus is Germany. The specialists from Munich work together with 6 freelancers mainly in museum and exhibition design, the conception of exhibitions as well as in brand architecture and the residential, hotel, catering and wellness sectors.

Thanks to the interplay of different core competences the architects together have a comprehensive expertise in »artistic, cultural and construction issues, that we bring into play in particular when working with historical monuments.« Their philosophy is to make cultural and construction history visible.
»Wherever it is possible to preserve old substance, we reveal the beauty of the historical. In less sensitive areas we set a modern counterpoint.«

Photo: © Atelier Hammerl & Dannenberg