Brüderl Manufaktur

Brüderl does not just make empty statements, it actually lives and applies what it says - the only way to create houses with character. If dreams are to be translated into real living worlds, well-being must take centre stage. Functionality, aesthetics and stability of value are all a matter of course at Brüderl. As is trust in strong partnerships, trust in the people that work with Brüderl. Because it is the human factor that determines orientation on many levels. This is the only way challenges can be mastered and the most varied of business sectors served to the best.


Pure aesthetics - Store construction by Brüderl Manufaktor with Corian elements by Hasenkopf.

Rooms, houses, building complexes do not simply exist for themselves alone. They stand in relation to the people who frequent them, they exploit the dialogue with these, they impart inspiration and enrichment in the same way partners stimulate each other. With his 80 employees graduate engineer Georg Brüderl offers an enormous range of services, all of which focus on absolute individuality. Georg Brüderl explains: »Anyone desiring beautiful rooms will find in us the right partner. Regardless of whether it is a complete building or a single room they need, whether corporate architecture or a highly specialised doctor’s surgery. All our projects are individual and client-orientated, from the first stage of planning right through to the smallest detail of fittings. And there is always a clear aesthetic concept.«


Thermoformed Corian shelves give an impression of easiness and are functional at the same time.

Interior furnishings, exhibition stands, shop fittings and shop systems are among the core competences of the company. This is where the cooperation with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur, who produces Corian elements and drawer systems for the Brüderl projects, is reaped to the full. »Where proximity and competence, short distances, fast response times, technical preparation, consultation and support are concerned, the Hasenkopf team should be given full marks on every count«, says Georg Brüderl. With its lived quality mentality the Brüderl Group successfully satisfies clients throughout the whole of Germany, sometimes even worldwide. But no matter where the company works in the service of its clients, functionality and aesthetics always take priority.

Photos: © Brüderl Manufaktur GmbH & Co.KG