Show kitchen
made of Parapan and Corian


»For many years our studio has continuously optimised its design process with the aim of achieving just this special quality. We see a holistic design approach and view the design task from an angle of 360° as essential in the creation of emotional added value and in motivating future purchase decisions. Whereby perfection of function and intuitive operation form is the self-evident basis for this.« Following these guiding principles Michael Schmidt works with three senior designers and a number of junior designers to realise projects throughout the whole of Europe.

»Form follows content and the inclusion of different perspectives« – with this in mind the people from Stuttgart create design solutions that involve beholders and users; that trigger emotions and can be interpreted individually. Products that communicate with the user, but nevertheless retain their depth, their complex fascination. The company focus is on the design of serial products for the bath and sanitary sector, office and home furniture, investment goods and kitchens as well as small series and individual one-off pieces for special events or trade fair presences.

Photo: © Code2Design