BGV Karlsruhe -
Corporate architecture with Corian


»An inspiring environment leads to more efficiency. That is why aesthetics and beauty are so important for design2sense - from the furnishings to stimulating lighting and on through to the choice of the colours«, explains Guido Rottkämper who realises concepts that »function optimally and are pleasing«. The designers from Leipzig demonstrate this philosophy as well as their core competences primarily in business projects such as administrative buildings and in extensive office complexes.  Their strengths where design and implementation are concerned are also manifested in up-market 4 and 5 star hotels, in the diverse world of gastronomy and in the sophisticated construction of shop fittings and furniture. Experience, creativity, a feeling for the right materials and exact details lend their projects a unique atmosphere. »The ambition of design2sense is to create spaces that remain firmly anchored in the minds and hearts of both customers and employees.« With his team of two architects, two interior designers and three to four freelancers Guido Rottkämper works nationwide for private entrepreneurs and SMEs that value exceptional design and wish to integrate corporate architecture into the presentation of their company’s image.

Photo: © Design2sense