Hasenkopf-Partner GSP architekten München

Corian façade for Microsoft

GSP architekten

Since 1970, GSP architekten, Munich, cover a large architectural range. »Functionality at the highest technical level is what characterises our buildings. Many years of experience, also as general planners, guarantee clients the professional planning and handling of building projects of any size with the greatest possible deadline and budget security«, say Ingo Schäfer and Igor Cerwinski.

Microsoft: campus ambience

»The atrium building of modern design with its staggered structures and numerous green patios is characterised by features along the lines of the open and flexible working environment propagated by Microsoft. Atriums suffused with light underline the open campus character and offer a premium and friendly ambience for the 1,800 or so employees. >State of the art< office worlds, designed in close cooperation with Microsoft as >non territorial open offices< are located on around 26,000 m² of floor space, spread over up to seven storeys. Bright white Corian® frames span entire parts of the building, letting their extensive glazing appear like superordinate >windows<.«

Photo: © GSP architekten