Our lifestyles are closely linked with spaces we live in. Individuals desire solutions that highlight the special quality and uniqueness of material and detail. A prime discipline for Holzrausch in whose creations style is reduced, modern and enamoured of detail.
When questioned as to the self-conception of Holzrausch Tobias Petri and Sven Petzold promptly reply: »We are planners and craftsmen with a special flair for incorporating our constructions into the given architecture. We place great importance on the use of high-quality materials and perfectly elaborated details.« Around 30 permanent employees make up the workforce of the company that has its headquarters in Munich. The 1,600 m² production and warehouse facilities are located close to Forstern. This is where furniture and fittings are created primarily for the Upper Bavarian region, although »we are receiving more and more commissions for projects outside of Bavaria, interior furnishings, for example, in Salzburg, Berlin, Sylt, Zurich and Engadin. Our trade fair constructions are in demand all over Europe«.

cooperation since 1998

Holzrausch has been cooperating with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur since its foundation in the year 1998, although in recent years this cooperation has continuously grown in intensity. »We procure all our mineral material parts exclusively from Hasenkopf«, says Petri, »these usually consist of kitchen worktops or complete kitchen units made of Corian, that we receive as modules produced according to our construction documentation which we then finish processing ourselves.«


Holzrausch purchases Corian® worktops from Hasenkopf.

»Both the proximity of Hasenkopf as well as their specialist expertise in working with Corian were decisive for Holzrausch, as these two aspects guarantee relative short lead times for projects and at the same time top quality«, is how Petri explains the benefits of the cooperation. These benefits are apparent especially in their core business area - the planning, development and production of customised kitchens. »We notice that a growing number of clients are coming to us because they cannot find what they are looking for in the conventional kitchen studios and realise that the creation of an individually planned kitchen is better suited to meet their demands on design and functionality. And this is where the cooperation with Hasenkopf is perfect. Hasenkopf makes its own production drawings from our construction documents. The adaptation and agreement of details is optimal. The response times are always extremely short.«

Photos: © K+W Fotografen