Bar 5 - A unique made of Corian


id-identity is an innovative and efficient architectural agency in Stuttgart. The founder and owner Steffen Haas, reveals a clear passion for and during projects that require a holistic identity. The favourite clients of Steffen Haas and his team are those who value the »product as a whole«, have a sense for detail and recognise the added value of image building.

His work on the »5« project opened up a whole new dimension for him. This project gave him the chance to show off his skills as an image planner in addition to his competence as an architect. id-identity’s participation in »5« was even more extensive than usual, encompassing all areas of design and image building. The team created a unique concept and developed a vibrant identity for a new »temple of gastronomy«. A team optimally aligned to the size of the respective project comprising between 4 and 8 freelancers work for the clients of id-identity, primarily in Germany. Although Steffen Haas has also gained international recognition with his ideas, for example with a restaurant modernisation in Cape Town in the year 2007.

Photo: © Hasenkopf