Active house B10: kitchen and bathroom
made of Corian

Schwörer Haus

This family-run business located in Hohenstein-Oberstetten, founded in 1950, is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden prefabricated houses. Each year, with 1,800 employees, about 800 to 1,000 homes are sold, built, and handed over as turnkey solutions in Germany, Switzerland and neighboring European countries. The annual turnover amounts to 270 million euros. The motto of CEO Johannes Schwörer: high quality for a »fair price-performance ratio« is pursued by SchwörerHaus as a guiding principle. As the owners’ and velopers’ partner, SchwörerHaus offers a full-service support with customer service and modernization services. The product range comprises energy efficient houses, passive buildings and increasingly energy-plus houses. The prefabrication of houses takes place, protected from the elements, at the company headquarters in Hohenstein-Oberstetten, including continuous quality control. SchwörerHaus themselves refine the raw material wood to high-quality building and construction materials. Schwörer homes are produced from basement to roof according to the criteria of »EMAS«. The work itself is certified according to DIN EN 14000. The innovative power of the company is displayed, inter alia, by the heat recovery technology (1983), fresh air heating (2004), a patented solid construction material »Cospan« as well as solar and photovoltaic systems.

Photo: © SchwörerHaus KG