Sushi bar made of Corian

Studio Architects

»Studio architects has its roots in the Milan design and architectural community, particularly the Matteo Thun school. Internationally active, we plan and implement hotels, club houses, villas and spa facilities on site. Based on intensive footprint studies, and following the clarity of Ludwig Mies von der Rohe, we bring spaces to life through the feel and sensuality of materials, always in search of the particular spirit of the place while demonstrating our own touch. We are committed to guiding the view as in painting, especially the Flemish Renaissance, and in films: light, proportion and design are the spatial elements that ultimately create the feeling of loving a room. The creative tension arises from the relationship in which these ingredients are put together. The beauty of the material is brought to life only through its processing, so we harbour a deep respect for craftsmanship and detail. Our work is not unlike that of a bespoke tailor: cut to fit the customers, recognising and emphasising the basics, choosing a tasteful fabric, a passion for technical perfection, and underlining the uniqueness of the customer with the accessories – voilà.«

Photo: © Studio architects