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Vollack architec

Vollack archiTec Karlsruhe is the company within the Vollack Group responsible for general planning and project management. It realises complex, architectural and energy-efficient building projects for »those clients in Germany who have developed their products into brand names which they wish to communicate consistently in their corporate image and environment«. Vollack archiTec is committed to the idea of »Building Brands« , as Wolfgang Eitel explains: »There is often no awareness of potential opportunities and there are many companies that can be supported by authentic architecture on their way to developing a brand.« With a core team of ten for planning and project management supported by a team of engineers from all disciplines Vollack archiTec creates references for their clients with regard to workplace quality, energy-efficiency and architecture. The Vollack corporate group is a consulting and construction service company active throughout Europe. Around 300 employees (150 architects and engineers) work here for one of the mayor planning and engineering companies in Germany. Its philosophy and unique selling point is based on its specially developed Vollack-Methode®. This ensures sustainable building investments by optimising communication and work processes. Vollack realises around 80 to 100 projects a year in its core fields of healthcare, industrial and office complexes.

Photo: © Vollack archiTec