Hasenkopf Fontana Waschbecken Gesundheitswesen

Fontana FOB, FS and FG
Special Basins and Baby Baths

Healthcare demands a great deal of washbasins towards the suitability for handicapped persons or for example special basins for baby baths. Fontana FOB, FS and FG basins follow all demands in security, ease of care and hygiene.



  • thermoformed and casted subsurface-mounted washbasins
  • FOB basins: suitable for handicapped persons (wheelchair access), available with or without overflow
  • FS basins: baby baths (for handling on one or both sides), without overflow
  • FG basins: health basins, not suitable for the kitchen area, without overflow
  • suitable for all the common types of drain fittings (provided by the client):
    FOB for 1 1/4 inch, FS and FG for 1 1/2 inch



  • We recommend: for white: cast Miraklon FS basins
  • for other colours: thermoformed FS / FOB / FG basins, available in all Corian and Hi-Macs colours