Hasenkopf Miraklon Waschbecken FMW

Washbasin Miraklon FMW
Wave shapes

MIRAKLON FMW wave-shaped washbasins are produced in one piece. Six standard sizes are available - all with a covered drain at the edge and a removable, colour-matched drain cover.




  • cast subsurface-mounted washbasins from Hasenkopf
  • available with or without overflow
  • suitable for common 1 1/4 inch drain fittings (provided by the client)
  • with covered drain (on the rim), removable drain cover
  • dimensions of drain cover: 160 x 75 mm
  • dimensions of drain cover for FMW-100-37: 200 x 75 mm



  • Miraklon® Edelweiss matching Corian Glacier White
  • Miraklon® Modern White matching Corian Designer White
  • Mirkalon® Classic White matching Hi-Macs Alpine White