Hasenkopf Projekt Billardtisch 247billiards aus Corian


247billiards – for spins and effects

A successful billiard impact is an ideal symbiosis of accurateness and energy. It characterises the game that is the result of good visual judgement, experience and movement. Intelligent spins are what causes successful effects. This is what 247billiards tables are made for, as they combine intelligence, technology and design. The preferred material Corian® also meets the highest demands in this regard.

Materials of choice were steel and Corian

Michael Steininger's vision was clear when he opened the development game for 247billiards: »Turning the normal into something extraordinary.« To achieve this goal, his choice came down to a combination of steel and Corian. The supporting structure is obtained from the family-run company Steininger in Wels, because since 1970, they have been standing for highest quality and innovation in the field of metalworking.

Corian-Queue-Halter von Hasenkopf für 247billiards

Design by Studio F. A. Porsche

The design was developed in cooperation with Studio F. A. Porsche. It is set apart from »the traditional heaviness of usual designs. The minimalist, clear geometry defines a new aesthetic standard.« The focus is on the consistency of design and functions and on the table being dismountable for transport. Both the substructure and the Corian® shell had to be planned and shaped in accordance with these criteria, with Hasenkopf assuming an essential advisory function. Individual elements of 12 mm and partly even only 6 mm thick solid surface material, thermally shaped, milled and bonded, skilfully enclose the metal structure so that the slim design is shown to advantage. Minimally placed construction joints maintain the homogeneous and seamless appearance.

Customised design options

Each billiard table is unique – available either in dull or high-gloss Corian. It is especially these elaborate high-gloss polishes where the distinct artisanal skills of the Hasenkopf team come to bear. More than 30 different table colours and 20 fabric colours can be combined in any manner. Apart from the milled and then painted 247-logo, it is moreover possible to add customised milled logos, which additionally promote the billiards tables' individual character.

Photos: © 247billiards