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Bathrooms have become feel-good spaces

Because feeling good doesn’t stop when you get home, Hülsta has designed an elegant collection of bathroom furniture to suit contemporary spa-inspired bathrooms. And the washstands and basins from Hasenkopf play a  leading role.

With the »Gentis« and »Tetrim« collections, the furniture manufacturer hülsta has expanded its range to include bathroom furniture. While »Gentis« is distinguished by fluid, rounded lines, »Tetrim« stands for linear, minimalist design. Hasenkopf manufactures the washbasins and washstand countertops from acrylic-based solid surface materials to suit the respective design. With the various processing techniques of moulding, milling and casting, Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur is able to realise almost all design concepts. »To our minds, Hasenkopf is a partner for successful companies who need exactly what they are missing. In our case, that is experience with solid surface materials«, says hülsta product manager Christof Hoffjann, explaining the reason behind the collaboration.

hülsta Waschtisch
hülsta Waschtisch Gentis
Waschbecken mit verdecktem Ablauf
hülsta Gästewaschtisch Tetrim

The minimalist »Tetrim« washstands are available in two sizes and can be combined with the base cabinets from hülsta in various units. Discreet, flush-mounted drain covers ensure a consistent design. By way of contrast, the delicate »Gentis« washbasins feature oval undermounted basins, which Hasenkopf also produces exclusively for hülsta. The design of the washbasins, including the fixing solutions and special packaging, were all precisely defined during the design and development stage. Since then, the washstands have been mass produced by Hasenkopf and ordered »just-in-time« by hülsta. The key criteria included reliable, short-term delivery with consistent high quality and fitting accuracy of the washstands.



Minimalist & clean - »Tetrim« guest washstand with Corian washbasin

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