Hinterleuchtete Corian-Theke für Casinos Austria Wien

Kamper Handwerk + Bau

Veech x Veech

Casinos Austria &
Austrian lotteries

Innovative strength, transparency, openness and security - these guiding principles are followed by the architectural concept for the redevelopment of the Vienna headquaters of Casinos Austria & Austrian Lotteries. 

Manufacturing with mineral materials

Mascha Veech and Stuart A. Veech of VEECH X VEECH received the order to redesign the entrance of the headquarters as well as an additional multi-functional event area – the STUDIO LOFT 44. VEECH X VEECH, who were already responsible for the multimedia redesign of the great hall of the STUDIO 44 in the late 90s, posed the following question: »How can you upgrade a building functionally and aesthetically, how can you to lend it superiority and a spacious atmosphere without touching the existing façade contour?«

counter takes center stage

The stated objective for the redesign of the main entrance was to create a »friendly, open reception situation while ensuring the necessary security in a non-visible manner.« Today this task is taken over by the reception desk which generates subtle lighting effects as a central focal point of the entrance area. It hides some technical features while creating a soft barrier without being perceived as a hermetic sealing.

Hinterleuchtete Theke aus Mineralwerkstoff für Casinos Austria

Project with a long partnership

This »all-rounder« includes a number of features, such as height-adjustable workstations, infrared heating panels, integrated seat cushions for visitors or a fully automatic extending and retracting access card dispenser. The executing Kamper Handwerk + Bau GmbH, Tillmitsch, Austria, worked together with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur on the counter and wall elements, because, as Martin Kamper puts it: »The product quality, flexibility and competence of Hasenkopf were the decisive factors for us. The tender asked for mineral composite material for all furniture and interior designs. Due to the successful experiences with Hasenkopf, the collaboration on this high-quality project was a logical consequence.«

Nominated for German light design price

Two back-lit counter elements are made of mineral material, high-gloss polished and shaped exactly according to the design specifications. Hasenkopf gave the wall paneling the same look in black and white, also high gloss. The entire project of VEECH X VEECH was nominated for the prestigious German Lighting Design Award 2014 based on its »superior integration of the latest lighting technologies into a custom-made solution for the client«.

Hasenkopf Projekt Casinos Austria Innenausbau Theken

Photos: © Hertha Hurnaus