Hasenkopf-Theke in der Bar 5



5 is the number to which our senses respond.  In the culinary scene in Stuttgart the 5 is a holistic experience, because the »5« is a café, bar, restaurant, lounge and club. Whereby the focus is on the bar which creates atmosphere. And that is exactly what the client, former German national league footballer Michael Zeyer, wanted to project. A venue like the »5« should be cosmopolitan, open-minded, emotional and exceptional.


It should become a talking point alone through its very existence, the reason its design should take on a communicative role. The name »5« emphasises the aspiration to realise a groundbreaking creation off the beaten track of tradition. Individual interior design and furnishings were developed that open up the many gastronomic perspectives for the guest. The draft for this design innovation originates from the company id-identity with its particularly distinct philosophy: »There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.« The architects brought the unique concept into play. Unusual and elaborate interior design and furniture with an almost sculptural appearance have an integrative and subtly playful effect while concealing skilfully what can only be achieved through exactly detailed planning and precision craftsmanship.

CAD-Zeichnung der Corian-Theke für Zedo Bar 5
3D-Zeichnung Theke für Hasenkopf Projekt Bar 5
CAD-Zeichnung der Corian-Theke für Bar5
Schablone für Zedo Bar 5


Even before the project was put out to tender Hasenkopf, as an expert in the field of the thermal formability of Corian, was requested to make a project assessment. Architect Steffen Haas also asked Hasenkopf for its support in the design conception. The concept and complete offer for the spatial architectural elements made from the mineral material convinced the client. The close reconciliation of feasibility and budgeting was certainty another impressive argument. The bar area constituting the focal point enhances individual customer experience and through its openness promotes integration and communication. For this core architectural element id-identity chose an unusual curved shape that ends in a wave-like form. 

with Know-How to objectives

The versatility of the Corian material allowed the impressive realisation of the wealth of variations in the radii, curves and deviations from regularity – the heterogeneous body with its organic shapes. Producing this Corian element was a great challenge. And it was here that the Hasenkopf team proved just how important experience is. With this in mind the leading architect Steffen Haas envisaged a holistic method of working with Hasenkopf: »My comprehension of the impact of the powers of architecture is the celebration of the vision with the specified requirements coming into play invisibly. And Hasenkopf has just such an attitude, namely to follow exactly the very path that is the target of our approach: uncompromising, well-thought through and collaborative development.« Together the two project partners were able to coax the interior decoration into becoming a functional machine without stealing the show from those experiencing it.

Hasenkopf Projekt Zedo Bar 5
Weiße 3D-Corian-Theke von Hasenkopf
Hasenkopf Corian Theke für Bar5
Thermisch verformte Mineralwerkstoff-Theke
Uniques: counters manufactured of CORIAN

The underlying technology is invisible, no edges, no joints. The perfect detail planning and execution breathed a life of their own into the two sculptured bar counters giving them a vibrance only emphasised by the exceptional design language. The design concept includes some special effects such as the milled grooving on the front side bar counter, achieved with a technology called Frescata developed by Hasenkopf. With this technology the respective textures are worked into the material with absolute detail fidelity using state-of-the-art 3 and 5-axis CNC milling machines. The machining patterns required were developed according to the specifications of the architect. The premium material Corian was chosen for the two bars in the colour Cameo White. The display refrigerator has a 3D-formed safety glass cover including base and fittings. Even a dumb waiter was covered with thermally formed Corian. The bar area of the »5« and all design elements made by Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur are unique one-off pieces, which are presented by Michael Zeyer to his guests as part of the exceptional gastronomic experience.

Photos: © Christan Höhn / © id-identity / © Hasenkopf