Mineralwerkstoff Raum-Teiler für Bavaria Lounge München

Schreinerei Voit

Tina Assmann & Erich Gassmann

Bavaria Lounge - Imagezone

Lounges are kind of a company's business card. They create a visible image. they are a temporary home for visitors. With three dimensional thermally deformed corian lamellas and other interior fittings made of corian Hasenkopf industrIe manufaktur designed the business card of the trade fair munich.

Connection by materials

Connecting Global Competence. The guiding theme of the Munich Trade Fair served as the stimulus for the Munich-based interior designers Tina Aßmann and Erich Gassmann when they began their design of the Bavaria Lounge. »The implementation occurred in a predetermined space. We planned a division into two independent spatial zones whose connection we realized through the materials and the layout of the lines,« says Tina Aßmann. The implementation was taken over by the carpenter’s workshop Voit, Reichertshausen which »sees the processing techniques and the mix of materials as the key special features of the project.« Johann Voit mentions. »Together with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur we have implemented numerous elements and panels based on the architect’s specifications for which Corian Glacier White was specified as the material of choice.«

Hasenkopf Theke für Bavaria Lounge Messe München

The reception counter readopts the room's lamella structures.

Individual INterior fittings

A well-defined slat structure forms the basic design element of all fixtures. A visual protection screen of approximately 60 3D-moulded panels extends over the entire length of the lounge towards the corridor. All panels look different from each other in terms of rotation and angle. The visual protection screen turns into a similarly structured wall covering to one side. It consists of flat surfaces arranged at different angles. On the side of the bar counter, the vertical emphasis changes into a horizontally structured counter and wall covering, which continues through the lounge area. Two similarly designed pieces of seating furnitures are placed in the room. The reception counter again takes up the design of the vertical slats and is also made entirely of Corian. The entrance portal and a specially designed service car complete the project.

Photos: © Florian Holzherr