hinterleuchtete Corian-Theke für Casinos Austria

Kamper Handwerk + Bau

Nopp Innenarchitektur GmbH

Casinos Austria – this is where quality is trump

How does one exquisitely stage gaming luck? How does one create a glamorous atmosphere for the casino of tomorrow? At the Casino Zell am See, some of the answers are already taking centre stage today.

Schleifen der Mineralwerkstoff Theke bei Hasenkopf

The componente parts of the counter are polished with carfulness.

Exquisite casino furnishings

When redesigning the casino in Zell am See/Austria, one notion became closely associated with the design: »exquisite«. This is why over a period of seven months, KAMPER Handwerk+Bau, a longstanding partner of Casinos Austria, implemented a concept together with Nopp Innenarchitektur GmbH that followed this formula. Apart from the illumination elements and the warm colour scheme, an essential contribution to this is made by the counter and bar fronts, which are made of the solid surface material Corian. With an overall length of 14 m, they are prominently dimensioned and the worktop and chip cash register cover contribute to the overall impression.

Verkleben der Corian-Theke bei Hasenkopf

The components are sticked together accurate to the millimetre.

Elaborate milled structure for the counter

The elaborate milled floral structure, dictated by a tile, was traced for CAD-CAM- programming at the premises of the longstanding project partner Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur. The structure of the Corian elements in Glacier Ice and Coffee Bean was produced at Hasenkopf within a short space of time by means of 5-axis CNC milling, while thermal 2D-shaping followed the intricate specifications. Following extensive installation work, the visibly painted surfaces and the backlit areas are today exhibiting their multifaceted nature. The different hues and visual impressions are created by rear illumination of the white Corian surfaces and by direct illumination of the structures. For Kamper, »the high technical expertise of Hasenkopf with regard to the processing and shaping of solid surface material is brought to bear in this special project, which is in particular revealed by the detailed elaboration and the material-specific manufacturing options«.

Corian-Theke mit Frescata für Casinos Austria Zell am See

Photos: © Fotograf Nikolaus Faistauer, www.foto-faistauer.at /
© Hasenkopf