Hasenkopf Projekt Frescata-Theke für Sparkasse Schwyz

Marty Architektur

curved Frescata Design from Hasenkopf

The branch office of the savings bank in Schwyz/Switzerland takes its clients by surprise with a new design. Based on plans oft he architectural bureau Marty Architektur, the new curved Corian counter stretches along the whole consulting area. Its dynamic form reinforces the inviting and dynamic impression oft he new representative room. The Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur manufactured this extensive design counter in co-ordination with the creative carpentry Kreativschreinerei Wagner AG. They used the mineral material in the colour Glacier White.

Corian-Theke mit Frescata-Struktur

Back-lighting with FRESCATA

The curved counter is not only thermoformed in three dimensions, but also partially milled, so a colourful backlighting can show an impressive light show. The Corian specialist Hasenkopf enables the remarkable design with its innovative processing technology Frescata. The special challange in this project was based in the production flow: the parts of the counter have first been thermoformed in 3D and afterwards the parts were milled accurate to the millimetre to get an optimal result in the whole course at the end.

dreidimensional verformte Frescata-Theke

FRESCATA enables many possibilities

The processing technique Frescata inspires with its variety in design. Combinations of different material like Corian, wood, acrylic or varnish are possible. Actually logos and lettering can be incorporated into surfaces.

Photo: © N. Kazakov