Corian Arbeitsplatte mit Becken von Hasenkopf

university Munich with Versatile Corian Countertops

We should be sharks! Why? Because when a shark loses a tooth, another grows in its place. Teeth that are always beautiful, new and healthy – for life. Unfortunately, we humans are not blessed with this gift of nature. But luckily there are dental clinics such as that of the LMU in Munich. Here, dental patients are treated with the latest high-tech equipment in ultra-modern treatment rooms.

renovation: Interior fittings
made of CORIAN

It took five years to renovate the old hospital building in Goethe Strasse, Munich. It certainly was not easy for the students, professors and staff to keep the dental clinic going during this long reconstruction phase. But it was worth the wait: the dental clinic at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich is now not only one of the largest but also one of the most modern in Germany. There are about 130 treatment stations at the Munich dental clinic. Following American office culture, most are housed in a single space divided into individual treatment cubicles by half-height partitions. There are also some separate treatment rooms and laboratories. Nevertheless, all rooms have one thing in common: they are not only equipped to the most modern medical standards with outstanding equipment, but also according to the latest ergonomic and hygienic points of view: shelves, work surfaces and wash basins are made to measure from the mineral material Corian. 

Corian Waschtisch für LMU Zahnklinik München

high requirements in hygiene

Corian is often used in the medical field a result of its many material advantages. The vast basin next to each treatment cubicle, for example, emphasizes the lavish architectural character of the entire space. No other material makes it possible to create such a surface under the given requirements of hygiene and appearance. Neither stone nor MDF, chipboard nor even metals can compete in this dimension. As an experienced fitter of clinics, Kavo Dental GmbHhas used the material Corian for a long time.

Hasenkopf Projekt Arbeitsplatten für LMU Zahnklinik

perfectly suitable for healthcare

The acrylic-bound mineral material offers versatile design options in the sanitary facilities, since generous ergonomic surfaces or row basin systems can be designed as a unified whole. A customized configuration with wall connection profiles and splash edges prevent liquids from spilling over and glued chamfered profiles prevent mildew and dirt accumulations. The result is a standard of hygiene that is to be expected with modern medical treatment rooms. Over many years of harsh clinical use, Corian installations have proven the excellent suitability of the material for this application. They are homogeneous, seamless and thereby help to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and cross infections. The non-porous surface is not penetrated by liquids or chemicals and is easy to disinfect. Should any damage occur, the installation can almost always be returned to its initial state without replacement by simple reworking.

variety of individualisation

Corian can either be machined or thermally formed. European leader Hasenkopf inspires with a rich variety in the processing of the mineral material. Even the standard Hasenkopf countertop products include a variety of different design variations with different edge designs and shapes, finishes or cut-outs. In addition to the standard products, Hasenkopf also offers individual shapes by three-dimensional forming. Personal design ideas, architectural and ergonomic requirements are thus almost without limits. Whether seamless Corian or ceramic basin pedestals, wiping strips with chamfers or cable channels made of Corian, Hasenkopf was able to efficiently and inexpensively meet all the requirements that the Kavo Dental had placed in their order. Due to their ease of maintenance and care, the Corian installations at LMU Munich will retain their value for many years: it is a long-term investment for the health of our teeth.

Photos: © KaVo Dental