Hasenkopf produziert Mineralwerkstoff Theke für Vinothek

Spitzbart + partners

wine desk to celebrate wine cult

Viniculture increasingly cohabits with design culture. The holistic experience translates the wines' characteristics, the winegrowers' attitude and their individual quality approach into clear statements by means of form, function and design. Wine enjoyment starts with the very first moment.

Empfangstheke aus weißem Mineralwerkstoff

Unique character for wine house

The symbiosis of product and location is here the formula that determines the name. The Weinkorb in Korb/Remstal is a wine house that remembers its origins and clearly exhibits them with its unique exterior design. Together with Spitzbart + partners, Markus Spitzbart signed responsible for architecture, furnishings, concept and project coordination. He describes the Weinkorb as reference project »that is the realisation of a vision that combines the two branded vineyards Singer and Bader under one umbrella brand«.

Hasenkopf Projekt Corian Theke für Vinothek Weinkorb

The »Weinkorb« is an architectural highlight - inside and outside.

Architectural experience at the Weinkorb wine house

The desk »with its unique character, its complex nature and the freely projecting section« plays a crucial role in this interior design. This adventurous desk was realised together with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur. The Hasenkopf team shaped the counter from Corian Glacier White from 23 different triangles of varying bevel, all milled to mitre and supported by a wooden corpus. It was only possible to realise the accurate fit of the milled edges through Hasenkopf's know-how in the field of 5-axis CNC processing. With an overall length of 6.62 m - 2.20 m of which are freely projecting - this piece of furniture takes up centre stage during wine tastings and consulting.

Hasenkopf Projekt Corian Theke für Weinkorb im Remstal

The Corian counter consists 23 individual parts.

Photos: © www.spitzbart.at