thermisch verformte Corian-Kugeln für Forschungszentrum

Haevenly Corian exhibits

The European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN, near Geneva, is the world's largest research centre in the field of particle physics. The LHC particle accelerator is known across all borders. Here, particles are accelerated in a 27 km long tunnel to nearly light speed in order to research matter. The recently opened exhibition »Universe of Particles«, with its extraordinary spherical exhibition units, now allows a thorough insight into the scientific research at CERN, and takes visitors on an unusual journey through the micro-and macrocosm.

ATOMs And PLANETs of thermoformed CORIAN spheres

The prelude to the imposing visual impressions are the many innovative displays that are designed specifically for multi-media exhibition: immaculate spherical cabinets made from heat-formed Corian and acrylic impressively reflect varying lighting effects and form a spectacular cosmic installation. Next to the LHC Interactive Table, which consists of thermally formed Corian with the client's glass overlay for interactive projections, a series of spherical »Corian balls«, also thermally formed, are the centre of the exhibition. The »Object Spheres«, for example, contain different exhibits. A crystal-clear view of these exhibits is provided by bent acrylic panels incorporated precisely into the Corian surface.

Universe of particles mit Corian-Exponaten
Hasenkopf Projekt Forschungszentrum CERN
Ausstellung mit Atome und Planeten aus Corian und Acryl
kugelförmige Corian-Exponate für Cern

Competence in processing
corian and acrylic

With great attention to detail, Hasenkopf has perfectly formed not only the Corian, but also the acrylic viewing panels, so that they blend in seamlessly and give a very even, immaculately polished surface. For the so-called »Detector balls« the insides of the formed Corian balls were additionally painted jet black, so that the media content is presented there to best advantage. The seamless and jointless processing and smoothly polished exterior surfaces make the »Corian balls« so shiny that they reflect the films project onto the spherically curved walls of the room.

Photos: © Michael Jungblut