Corian Fenster-Rahmen für Fassade in der Kaisserstrasse München

Bauer Innovativ


Munich Kaiserstrasse - façade is everything  

Façades define the character, type, and style of a building, a neighborhood, a city. In face lifting, renovations or new construction in existing structures, the façade is the key face and plays the main role in the overall context.

CORIAN as a Façade material

In the newly built commercial building Kaiserstrasse 28 in Munich-Schwabing, the façade was given particular importance by the Munich architectural firm be_planen: with a clear, strong look. Birgit Bucher and Hermann Eger of be_planen describe the project as follows: »In the listed area München-Schwabing, we wanted to build a residential and commercial building where a modern architectural language is expressed clearly, distinctly and effectively.« By using the material Corian in Glacier White, an exterior design was created that also emphasizes the individual character. 

Elements delivered ready
to assemble

After joint discussions with the executing company BAUER innovative, Altötting, all window frames were prefabricated by Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur, so that they could be put in directly on-site. A special feature is the seamless execution of the elements, which makes the high quality standards recognizeable on the exterior part. The design is derived from the mouldings typical for the area.

Fassaden-Material Corian für Fenster-Rahmen

window frames: design to the fore

Günter Bauer and Dieter Kohlhas of BAUER innovative on the implementation of the design language with Corian material: »The window units are the defining design element, all other details were given secondary consideration. The decades-long collaboration with the Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur manifested itself here in the specialization of production and the competence in the implementation of the project. And all this with absolute deadline reliability.«

Photos: © Johannes Dachsel