Hasenkopf fertigt Corian-Fassade für Microsoft München

HAGA Metallbau GmbH

GSP architekten

Corian façade for Microsoft

The new Microsoft Germany headquarters in Munich. A distinct design language, a bright appearance, a signal of expertise. White as strong colour component for clarity, effortlessness and the new. The solid Corian® material for resistance and strength. In total, corporate architecture signalling openness for the future.

Modern Corian exterior cladding

Microsoft Germany has new headquarters in Munich. The modern and transparent corporate headquarters, designed by the Munich architects' office GSP Architekten could be introducing a new era for composite materials in façade design, because this building reveals what can be achieved with Corian. HAGA Metallbau GmbH, the company that realised the entire façade construction according to the architects' design, commissioned Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur with the manufacture and delivery of the Corian elements.

Microsoft München Fassade in Corian Glacier White

5100 m² façade project

The challenge was on the one hand the area of 5100 m² and on the other hand the specific design parameters for planning and logistics. All in all an intricate task, that required the smooth interaction of everyone involved. From the moment the first drawing was produced, through to manufacturing and shipment, great demands were made on administration and organisation that had to give 100 %. It was not so much a question of ensuring the smooth workflow, but rather of delivering the relevantly dimensioned CORIAN® parts by Hasenkopf exactly at the right time to the right place, so that the HAGA assembly teams were able to work efficiently. The Hasenkopf team delivered the tiles that had already been bonded according to schedule. The installation on the substructure was carried out by HAGA. The challenge becomes obvious when the facts are considered: 5100 m² of façade, 2290 individual parts, smooth, not shaped, delivered accurately matching for angular elements, L-shaped parts and U-shaped cups.

Hasenkopf fertigt Corian-Fassade für Microsoft München

Appearance and feel of Corian convince

In addition, it was of decisive importance to ensure that the components could be safely installed even at great heights. After a project duration of six months – including planning, manufacture and installation – the new Microsoft Germany headquarters is today clad in lightfast, smooth CORIAN® façades in Glacier White that convince by their appearance and feel. It could be that this heralds the advent of generation 2.0 in façade construction.

Photos: © ARGENTA Unternehmensgruppe / © www.oln.at