Funky Fassade mit Corian Außenverkleidung

Lindner Group

Funky façade - Icade Premier House

A successful combination of precise craftsmanship and cutting-edge creative power: the Icade Premier House 1 FUNKY at Munich Arnulfpark gleams with an imposing glass façade. At twilight, the transparency of the building reveals an unexpected, smaller building in the courtyard.

FLEXIBLE room design with sustainability

On the tracks ahead of the former container terminal in Munich, where locomotives previously shunted, a new city district was built in 2010 with residential and office buildings, cultural facilities, parks and nurseries. In the symbiosis between residence and working, apartment and office, one object now stands out: the ICADE Premier House 1 designed by the renowned architectural firms Ganzer-Hajek-Unterholzner / Louvieaux and Landau Kindelbacher, it was the first commercial property in the area to sell out completely. By the end of January 2011 the house had the highest rating and a Gold certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). This certification to DGNB standards was on the agenda from the outset of planning. So the architects sought both a flexible implementation of the spatial concept tailored to tenants, but also to commit to a »sustainable« responsibility – not least to the people working there later. Health, comfort and energy efficiency are issues with which the work–life balance of future workers are to be supported at the Munich Arnulfpark.

first Corian wall claddings

ICADE Premier House 1 arises 22.000 m² floor space for about 600 workplaces. In contrast to its reflecting glass façade the lecture hall is an impressive eye-catcher in Japaneese style. It is one of Germany's first buildings with a fashionable wall cladding manufactured of the mineral material Corian of DuPont. A wide space for conferences, workplaces, lecture rooms is protective encased.

Hasenkopf Projekt Corian Fassade in München

CORIAN: solid and sustainable

The custom-made shell achieves a unique quality in terms of ecological criteria: material properties such as resistance to weathering and UV, low maintenance and easy repair options make Corian an ambitious material in terms of sustainability criteria. This allows expansive façade designs to be coupled with high standards of sustainability.

structural-Physical possibilities

Corian manufacturer DuPont and industrial manufacturer Hasenkopf were involved from the planning phase of the ambitious architectural project. But it was also about exploring the structural possibilities of the material for external use: Corian as a cladding material can offer some new possibilities for façade design. Properties such as backlighting, forming and milling capabilities offer different possibilities to traditional materials such as aluminium. As such, DuPont and Hasenkopf had prominent advisory roles for the architects and also supported the façade planning by Dobler.

Hasenkopf Projekt Funky Fassade München
Permission as façade MATERIAL

Hasenkopf created the first accurate models of the façade elements, as specified by Dobler, with which DuPont could then obtain building inspectorate approval for this new type of façade. During the construction phase Hasenkopf produced hundreds of individual parts from the high-tech material from DuPont that were joined together to produce visually seamless Corian bands. Façade-builder Dobler secured the panels to the support structures using wedge-anchors to create the scale-like appearance of the façade.

Corian Treppe im ICADE Premier Haus 1 München

continiuation in interior

The visual appearance of the façade was carried through to the interior. Here Lindner clad the interior walls and partitions with Corian elements from Hasenkopf. Together with the company MetallArt Metallbau Schmid, Hasenkopf also clad the construction of the stairway. It combines function with design as a concrete room installation. The interplay of many committed partners in trusting cooperation created the two-story jewel built at the Munich Arnulfstrasse, which is considered an extremely effective symbiosis between high-tech and contemplative calm.

Photos: © Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur