Showküche im Hasenkopf Verwaltungsneubau


Parapan refined brilliance

Rich in contrast and noble, flexible and versatile A project like the new Hasenkopf show kitchen demonstrates impressively how high-gloss black Parapan and silky white Corian translate the design language. In perfect harmony with oak and exposed concrete.

show kitchen DESIGned by CODE2DESIGN

»Our task was to stage the materials Parapan and Corian and the expertise of the Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur in a fully functional and high utility value kitchen ensemble.« This is how Michael Schmidt from code2design in Stuttgart summarises the motivation behind the new show kitchen. The clear lines and generous surfaces of the finished object clearly bring to life the properties and effects of the materials.

Küche aus Corian, Parapan und Holz
Show-Küche mit Spüle von Hasenkopf
Küchen-Fronten aus hochglänzendem Parapan
Küchen-Arbeitsfläche aus Corian von Hasenkopf

PARAPAN: machining and thermo­forming

High-gloss black Parapan comes into its own here and demonstrates how it can convey unique properties, whether in kitchen and interior design, business facilities, shop fittings or fair stand construction. That is why Parapan offers Hasenkopf such an enormous scope of applications. Milling or thermal forming processes can be used to create any design, no matter how unusual it is. Where optics, light edges and surface gloss are concerned, Parapan opens up some surprising options, as Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur has demonstrated in a multitude of national and international projects.

High-gloss for shop fitters and fair stand builders

Their many years of experience and special knowledge in the processing of Parapan enable the specialists at Hasenkopf to create products and objects that are brilliant in application and ensure clients the visual effects defined in the design concept. Simple delivery of ready-to-assemble Parapan components makes it easy for designers, shop fitters, fair and exhibition stand builders and furniture makers to realise even challenging projects involving high-gloss surfaces. Whether furniture fronts, cupboard doors, claddings or complete pieces of furniture – the homogenous acrylic material is evenly coloured right through, does not fade and is available in seventeen different colours. 

Photos: © Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur