Hasenkopf Projekt Airbus Corian-Showcase

Showcase Made of Corian for Airbus

ready for take-off into the future. »The Future by Airbus – Flying Green Experience« showcase successfully demonstrates the interaction of today with tomorrow through ambitious goals and steering a steady course. Thanks to the unique creation of the VRPE Team the Airbus in now ready for take-off on a three-dimensional level.


Air travel of tomorrow is focussing on the topics of ecology and energy efficiency as well as new rechnologies and innovative design and product development. The challenge is enormous if you wish to demonstrate »on earth« what the Airbus planes of tomorrow can achieve »on air«,  because many of the topics of the future do not yet exist as finished products. Many parts of the exhibition were created individually by VRPE for the visualisation.
Research, trials and prototypes dominate in the development phase more than ever before. A team of 20 experts - including designers, graphic designers, IT specialists and metal workers - worked together for two years to bring the Flying Green Experience alive. An experience-evoking sculpture was created from three-dimensional Corian elements. 

Hasenkopf Projekt Airbus Corian-Showcase
Hasenkopf Projekt Airbus Corian-Showcase
Hasenkopf Projekt Airbus Corian-Showcase
Hasenkopf Projekt Airbus Corian-Showcase


Streamlined milled grooves together with light pulses set very unusual accents. The snail shaped design leads visitors through the showcase, guiding them past 15 virtual and real special exhibits and through the Airbus vision of the future. The experts from VRPE started their close cooperation with the specialists at Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur very early on in the initial planning phase in order to bring the unusual design to life with top precision.
Corian Glacier White was the material used for the manufacture and assembly of around 150 different formed parts. A wavy line was milled into the exterior. The master 3-D data including the steel/aluminium construction were created by VRPE. Hasenkopf realised the Corian details in 3-D while the connections between the Corian elements and the support construction provided was a joint development. 


It took two whole years to construct and produce the architecture and multimedia hardware (light, sound, communication technology) which was assembled by VRPE. The contents of the presentations were developed in cooperation with two communication agencies and several software specialists.

Photos: © VRPE Team GmbH / © Airbus