H1-Speaker Höffner Audiosysteme

Höffner audio systems for music lovers

Music inspires, connects and touches people. With a complete, natural sound, the H1 speaker transforms your living room at home into a stage. The solid surface casing plays a key role here.

»H1 is a speaker for the ears, eyes, brain and heart,« Markus Höffner, Managing Director of the manufacturer Höffner Audiosysteme is convinced. »I love searching for the best ingredients for my speakers.« Since 2014, the developer has worked on the “H1 speaker” with engineers, draughtsmen and designers. After an extensive search for materials, he chose a solid surface material for the speaker casing and has, therefore, worked closely with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur since the design phase.

Hasenkopf Partner Höffner Audiosysteme

Form follows function

On the basis of precise calculations and comprehensive tests with prototypes, Höffner designed the body for the perfect hearing pleasure. The elegant design with organically flowing contours is based on the silhouette of a string instrument. In conjunction with state-of-the-art technology, the solid surface casing forms the high-end speaker for demanding music lovers. 

Combination of Miraklon and Corian

In order to precisely implement the complex shape, Hasenkopf combines two materials in the production, as well as two different production techniques: the body of the speaker is 3D-moulded from Corian Glacier White. So that the front part achieves the desired higher material thickness and the special shape, it is produced in an in-house casting process with Miraklon® Edelweiss. As the two materials go together perfectly visually and in terms of their quality, they can be wonderfully processed into a seamless whole. Due to these combination possibilities, Hasenkopf always finds a perfect solution for every shape.

Photos: © www.hoeffner-audio.de