Ladenbau aus Mineralwerkstoff von Hasenkopf

store concept in corian

The industrial manufacturer Hasenkopf was hired by Tatzreiter of Allhartsberg, Austria, to produce a Corian shop concept for Stoeckl Parkett - a small production run and still individual.

Counter with refinements

Quality and individuality are particularly called for in shopfitting for the expression of the company and the presentation of products, because the retail space fittings convey a set of values associated with the actual product. For parquet manufacturer Stoeckl, the sophistication of the brand and the product is portrayed by fine shop fittings. The focal point of the shop fittings at Stöckl is a space-defining information box, designed as an elegant desk stand made of Corian. The floor, back panel and even a suspended ceiling connect seamlessly to the counter. The rear panel provides suspension options for a presentation screen, cabling, and even a brochure display. A lighting system is integrated into the ceiling. The counter itself contains several drawers and shelves for product display.

INtegrated drawers made by HASENKOPF

Both the supporting steel structure of the elegant furniture and the substructures and matching Corian veneers are supplied by the industrial manufacturer. In addition to its expertise in the processing of Corian, another focus is the manufacture of drawers - in all possible variants – so even the built-in desk drawers with full extensions are made directly to size by Hasenkopf.

Logo-Fräsung mit Harz vergossen
Corian-Theke mit Schubladen von Hasenkopf
Corian-Aufsteller für Stöckl Parkett Produkt-Muster
Ladenbau aus Mineralwerkstoff von Hasenkopf

Milled logo for BRANDING

The entire object was clad in Corian Glacier White: the individual Corian parts were precisely fitted to the substructure and the specified curve radii. The Frescata milling technique, developed by Hasenkopf, can be used to produce the most varied structures in the surfaces of objects and wall panels. In addition to more than 30 standard milling patterns, it can implement individually customised millings. Thus the Stöckl counter was given the logo and company motto as a strong branding and also as a decorative contrast element. For this step, the customer data for the logo were made editable by Hasenkopf using a CAD program for CNC machines. The ultra-modern machinery at Hasenkopf, with eleven 3 - and 5-axis CNC machines permitted precise milling, which was later filled with black resin. As a final step, the entire surface of the furniture was sanded perfectly smooth and polished, completely free of seams or joints.

CORIAN stand-up display for product samples

The Stöckl Parkett shop concept also includes Corian stands for product samples. They are designed so that seven parquet patterns can be presented simultaneously in an elegant column. Here, too, the curve radii were matched to the radii of the counter for a unified design concept. The assembly of individual parts and the seamless sanding of the entire furniture item were done in situ by Tatzreiter.

Photos: © Tatzreiter