Vodafone Ladenbau mit Corian und Parapan

Markstahler + Barth

VODAFONE - Shopfitting with Corian

Where consulting is concerned, modern communication relies to great extent on the »live« effect. Customers want to have direct contact with the providers, even and especially when it comes to discussing charges, costs and hardware features. Companies like Vodafone welcome their clients with a clear image giving them a feeling of security during consultation and decision-making from the first moment onwards.


The Vodafone shop design has a clear corporate design that facilitates communication without any interferences. Customers know exactly what they can get here and what services they can expect. The integrated communication company with its around 40 million customers in Germany »provides its customers with services from a single source, regardless of whether they use mobile data services, need a broadband Internet connection or quite simply wish to telephone from home or while on the road.« But it is not enough for customers to just get hardware and software from Vodafone, they should in fact become »fans«. Most especially in the Vodafone shops.


The concept for the store design in Germany was developed or rather adapted by Schubert2Architekten and implemented in cooperation with the shop fitting specials Markstahler+Barth from Karlsruhe. A core requirement right from the start was that the designs of the architects were to be realised in a very high quality. Andreas Arnold, jointly responsible for projects at Markstahler+Barth, says in this respect: »We defined clear specifications for the implementation of the design with regard to processing quality, colour fidelity and material properties and that is why we decided upon Corian from DuPont and Parapan from Evonik. Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur was commissioned with the processing and realisation, a company whose high standards we are well acquainted with – also where just-in-time production and delivery are concerned.«

3D-verformte Parapan-Bänder


Here then an indication of one of the special aspects of this contract, namely the modular shop system of the designer. This comprises a total of 37 different elements - in various versions and lengths - that are fitted into shops according to size and specifications. Hasenkopf produced the various cabinets and counters from red and white Corian with a high-gloss finish and used Parapan to make the ceiling strips. Markstahler+Barth integrated the lighting in these ceiling strips.

Hasenkopf Projekt Vodafone Shop Design


»The cooperation with Hasenkopf always runs smoothly«, says Arnold, »that is why it is possible for us to order parts for 20 to 30 shops from Hasenkopf at extremely short notice if we do not have these in stock.« The products are ordered directly from Hasenkopf on a make-and-hold basis and delivered at short notice. This form of cooperation has become routine practice at Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur. It reduces warehousing costs significantly for customers like Markstahler+Barth without compromising speed in the market. The modular shop system is based on a modular production system that provides the executing company Markstahler+Barth with the flexibility it needs for smooth and successful execution of the project schedule. Moreover, the assurance of quality and reliability of production at Hasenkopf is so good that the individual finished parts can be installed at the POS seamlessly and with absolute colour fidelity.

Photos: © Vodafone