Hasenkopf Projekt Sushibar Corian Theke

Studio Architects

White Bar made of Corian at the hyatt hotel

The media port is Düsseldorf's new architectural showpiece. Created in the absolute premium position next to commercial properties for commercial, artistic and media professionals, the latest restaurants, lifestyle bars and top-class hotels. The newly opened Hyatt Regency Hotel is one of the largest investments of the American hotel group in Germany in 2010. Located right next to the Rhine, the 5-star luxury hotel attracts not only overnight guests, but also many trendsetters.


In keeping with the times, the Hyatt group wanted to create for their guests a Japanese restaurant experience in addition to several other restaurants. Together with the architect Hendrik Fraune of Studioarchitects, a striking sushi bar was designed as an architectural focal point for the new DOX restaurant. Here, the sushi chefs should celebrate their skills and the guests be treated to fresh sushi. As Corian has the formability by thermal processing required by the complex curves. Corian also meets the fire safety requirements for public buildings, which are required in hotels. Since Hasenkopf has both the right tools and the many years of experience for the necessary polishing work on Corian, the experts ultimately recommended the formable mineral material after a careful review of all the pros and cons.

thermisch verformte Theke für Sushibar
Schneckenförmige Corian-Theke
3D-verformte Theke für Sushibar
3D-Rundungen durch thermische Verformung
hochglänzende Bar von Hasenkopf


From the design by the architects and Klumpp Innenausbau, the manufacturer transferred the digital data directly into its CAD/CAM system. The curves of the spiral-shaped bar were different in most places, and could only be controlled by computer. Hasenkopf milled more than 70 different templates by 5-axis milling and each of the individual pieces for the 20 meter long outer shell of the bar were then thermally formed. For the final touch, the surface was completely polished to a high gloss. Hasenkopf also helped Klumpp Innenausbau with the assembly of the bar, gluing the parts seamlessly together and once again polishing to a high gloss on site.


Since January 2011 it has been shining in all its beauty, the artful sushi bar in the DOX restaurant of new Hyatt hotel in Düsseldorf. A satisfied Michael Klumpp says: »We are experienced professionals in the field of interior design. There is virtually no project that we could not solve with our skills. But when it comes to special areas, such as in this case the thermal forming and high-gloss polishing of the round bar counter, it is reassuring to know we can always rely on our partners.«

Photos: © Hasenkopf Industrie Manufakutr