Hasenkopf Projekt Corian Möbel für Audi Ladenbau

Isaria Corporate Design AG


According to recent market research studies, the image of Germany, at least in some areas, has not changed: Germans are seen to be well organised, accurate, and slightly pedantic. This external image is especially beneficial to us in the economy, with the precisely calculated engineering and automotive industries being the biggest exporters in Germany.


No wonder the German automotive industry is so popular abroad, because our typical virtues are most evident in vehicle development. Correctness, accuracy, and reliability are essential in the design of cars, which is about dimensional accuracy of hundredths of a millimetre. Anyone who is accustomed to such dimensions is not ready to make any major concessions in other things. So it is top priority for Isaria Corporate Design, Weimann and industrial manufacturer Hasenkopf to produce authorized showroom features for the Ingolstadt-based car giant Audi that are accurate to the millimetre.


Furniture for the functional areas of the reception, lounge, shop, POS, workstations, digital media and gastrobar are what shopfitters Weimann and Isaria Corporate Design make for the Audi project. From 2007 to 2014, Isaria Corporate Design and Weimann have been producing, supplying and fitting first-class presentation and consultation installations for the automotive industry across Germany and Europe. In addition to complete dealership fittings, a variety of accessory displays have been produced for the challenging introduction of new automobile models. The various counters and displays for the Audi order are part of a modular system that can be assembled in different car dealers and at trade shows, depending on current needs and circumstances of the premises. Here, a successful design is implemented in conjunction with other high quality materials.


One part of the modular system is made by Hasenkopf using Corian. The white countertops are produced in advance and only later completed individually according to the application requirements and assembled by shopfitters Weimann and Isaria Corporate Design. This modular system requires that all the individual parts fit to the millimetre; only then can all the furniture of the individual functional areas be combined at any time without a problem. Ultimately, neither Weimann, Isaria Corporate Design nor Hasenkopf knows during production which combination will be used later. And here the German virtues once again come into play: customers from the automotive sector have extremely high quality requirements for exactness of fit. They use engineering tolerances as a basis. How fortunate that both shopfitters Isaria Corporate Design and Weimann and the manufacturer Hasenkopf are well acquainted with the German virtues: correctness, accuracy, and reliability have been the basis for the mutual understanding of the cooperating partners for years.

Photos: © Ladenbau Weimann