Corian-Tisch von Designer Veech

Veech x Veech

NEW Design-Highlight
MADE OF Corian

In recent years, Hasenkopf has undertaken numerous prestigious projects for internationally renowned designers. Using a design by Stuart A. Veech, Hasenkopf has now produced a prototype of an impressive designer table made of Corian®.


The elegantly curved, whose surface is artistically decorated with milled patterns, is made of Corian® in two different colours – Glacier Ice and Nocturne. It illustrates by example the benefits of the mineral material, whose mechanical and thermal processing has been mastered and constantly developed by Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur for around twenty years. Corian® represents maximum flexibility: Hasenkopf can process the premium material perfectly by both machining and forming. With thermal forming, seamless and jointless processing is even possible.


With the prototype for Stuart A. Veech, which could go into full production in the near future, Hasenkopf demonstrates its understanding of design and also its great processing expertise in the field of thermal forming. As an industrial manufacturer, where skilled craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the efficiency of serial production, Hasenkopf is not only the ideal partner and supplier for specialist industrial and craft enterprises, but also for designers and other demanding creators. A team of specialists supports Hasenkopf's customers and partners from the design and planning phase and helps advise on the implementation of seemingly impossible ideas.

Photo: © Heiner Heine