großflächige Corian-Wandverkleidung im Kongress-Palast Taschkent

wall cladding made of corian

Ambitious and a logistic brilliant feat: the international congress center at Taschkent with one of the largest and most impressive wall claddings.

co-operation for highlight

Hasenkopf has produced and mounted the impressive wall panelling in the auditorium for the new international congress centre in the Uzbekistan capital Tashkent. The artistically curved ribbons made from Corian® in Glacier White can be backlit setting the massive room in embossed lighting effects. The »Palace of International Forums« has been created on co-operation with several international partners. The interior has been designed by the architect office ippolito fleitz group in Stuttgart, Germany. This was implemented by Riedl Messe-/Laden- & Objektbau in close collaboration with Hasenkopf.

Corian-Wandverkleidung für Akustik und Atmosphäre
accomondating with traditional uzbek architecture

The challenger here was to design the inside room in a contemporary form that flows into the traditional elements of Uzbek architecture. The results are open-minded communicative rooms where the fine materials and white colour tones are dominant that, intensify the striking character even more. Only high quality building materials such as Carrara marble, Palladium and Corian® were used.

Hasenkopf Projekt Corian Wandverkleidung für Kongresspalast Taschkent

Photos: © Andreas Focke