Design-Waschtisch aus Corian für Veech

Veech x Veech


Using designs by Stuart A. Veech of Veech X Veech based in Vienna, Hasenkopf has produced an impressive designer washbasin made of Corian®.


The elegantly curved designer washbasin consists of 12 mm thick Corian® in two different colours – Glacier Ice and Nocturne. The basin is formed three-dimensionally and fixed below without joints, and even the skirt has been given its extraordinary shape by a special thermal process. Its lower portion can be redesigned completely. The designer washbasin is an exemplary illustration of the benefits of the mineral material, Corian®, whose mechanical and thermal processing has mastered by Hasenkopf since about twenty years and is being developed continuously.

Designer-Waschbecken aus Mineralwerkstoff


Corian® represents maximum flexibility: Corian® can be processed without seams and joints by using both cutting and forming techniques and it can be brought to almost any shape desired with appropriate know-how and modern technology. Thanks to its special material properties, Corian® happens to be the ideal material wherever aesthetics and functionality, resilience and hygiene are called for: in kitchens and bathrooms, for living room areas and objects, just as in health management facilities.

Photos: © Veech X Veech