Hasenkopf Projekt Corian Küchen-Arbeitsplatte Abendschein


For a private kitchen at Lake Starnberg, industrial manufacture Hasenkopf, under contract to the Abendschein carpentry company, produced a customized countertop made of Corian to meet the highest functional and aesthetic demands.

lavish corian worktop

With a length of more than five metres and more than a metre in depth, the countertop is a made-to-measure, room-filling architectural element. The block-like appearance of the more than 10 cm thick, elegant Corian® plate emphasises the lavish architectural style of the entire room. No other material makes it possible to create such a surface under the given requirements of hygiene and appearance. The work surface was produced on the surface without joints or seams and was seamlessly glued together, sanded and polished in situ.

Arbeitsfläche aus massivem Corian

Corian particularly suitable for kitchens 

With its excellent thermal and machining properties Corian meets the highest food standards of hygienie even in the sensitive area of food preparation. For example, an subsurface-installed sink is just as seamlessly integrated into the countertop. All connecting points are processed with glued chamfered profiles to prevent mould formation and the deposition of dirt. The smart design features for custom-made micro-basins, such as a slight slope towards the bottom of the basin, make everyday care easier.

Küchen-Arbeitsfläche aus Corian für Abenschein


The mineral material Corian makes it possible to produce countertops for any requirement: from simple, straight-cut kitchen worktops to extravagant customized shapes with all kinds of cut-outs, grooves or deformations for a wide variety of applications in almost 100 different colours of Corian. Combinations with other materials, such as wood, acrylic or stainless steel, are also possible.

Photos: © Werkstatt Abendschein, Starnberg